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  • Ritmo do Morumbi is a documentary that follows the story of Meninos do Morumbi, a performing arts school in Sao Paolo, Brazil that gives children from favelas (slums) hope for the future. Meninos do Morumbi started in 1996 by professional drummer Flavio Pimenta, when he met three boys from the streets in the favelas and provided them drum lessons in his living room. Three children turned into the 3,000 students that now attend Meninos do Morumbi free of charge and are taught drumming, dancing, singing, capoeira, English, and computer skills.

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    • Red Rock Film Festival 2009
    • Director/Cinematographer: Rhianon Gutierrez
    • Director: Gabrielle Bashist
    • Director/Cinematographer/Assistant Editor: Tyson Hauff
    • Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Sound Editor: Josh Kun
    • Director: Collin Martin
    • Director/Cinematography/Assistant Editor: Tyler Zelinsky
    • Producer: Tu John
    • Executive Producer: Jeff Swimmer
    • Cinematographer/Editor/Sound Editor/Publicist: Zara Ahmed
    • Flavio Pimenta: Himself