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  • This film examines the problem of the harvesting of primates, including several species of extremely endangered gorillas, for "bushmeat." Considered by some to be a delicacy in west Africa's Cameroon, the practice means that some of the continent's last primates are being eaten to death. Can these amazingly human-like creatures be saved, or is the problem too widespread for them to survive?

    Produced as part of the Destination: Africa 2009 - International Documentary Scholarship Program.

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    • Santa Cruz Film Festival 
    • Filmmakers LA 
    • Blue Planet Film Festival 
    • Long Island International Film Festival, Best Doc (Nomination)
    • Real to Reel Film Festival 
    • Fear No Film Festival 
    • Director / Producer / Editor: Andrea Capranico
    • Director / Producer: Hannah Taylor
    • Director / Producer / Cinematographer: Nicholas Weisnet
    • Director / Producer / Writer: Breanna Wing
    • Executive Producer: Jeff Swimmer
    • Animations: Brian Ramirez
    • Producer/Writer/Director/Editor: David Goldenkranz
    • Cinematographer: Bobby Moser
    • Color Correction: Andrew Merrill
    • Concept Advisor: Jim Gallaher
    • Breanna Wing: Narrator