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  • In the deepest jungles of West Africa's troubled nation of Cameroon, its native peoples - derisively called "Pygmies" by much of the world - find themselves pushed ever farther away from the forests that sustain them and give their lives vibrancy and magic. Now, brave leaders are trying to help the native peoples to reclaim those ancestral forests, and to rescue a fast-dying culture before it's too late.

    Produced as part of the Destination: Africa, 2009 - International Documentary Scholarship Program.

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    • Newport Beach Film Festival 2010
    • Breckenridge Film Festival 2010
    • Director / Producer / Writer: Roxana Amini
    • Director / Producer / Writer: Carly Pandza
    • Director / Producer / Writer: Matthew Prouty
    • Director / Producer / Writer: Jacob Taylor
    • Executive Producer: Jeff Swimmer
    • Sean Burgos: Narrator