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A selection of award-winning documentaries created by Dodge College Students for our Destination Africa and Community Voices programs.

PLEASE NOTE: Student films are uncensored and may contain material offensive to some viewers

Among Giants »

Produced and directed by: Sam Price-Waldman, Chris Cresci, Toby Mullinkosson Among Giants begins three years into the McKay Tract tree-sit in California’s coastal redwood region. Atop his tiny platform a hundred feet up in the ancient redwood canopy, environmental activist Farmer must battle the elements and avoid isolation as he fights for a sustainable future.
Giving Women Credit Documentary

Giving Women Credit

This film offers an on-the-ground look at the idea of Microfinance used as a tool for creating change in a third-world country through the direct work of Non-Profit and NGO WomensTrust Inc.

Ritmo Do Morumbi  »

Director: Rhianon Gutierrez, Gabrielle Bashist, Tyson Hauff, Josh Kun, Collin Martin & Tyler Zelinsky Children from the favelas of Sao Paulo, Brazil, see hope for a better future at Meninos do Morumbi, through singing, dancing, drumming and other activities.

Notre Joie, Notre Vie (Our Joy, Our Life) »

Director: Ruthie Rubietta Trafficking for sex and domestic labor is rife in poverty-stricken Cameroon. Against daunting odds, several organizations are trying to fight this pernicious trade.

Eye to Eye »

Director: Andrea Capranico, Hannah Taylor, Nicholas Weisnet & Breanna Wing This film examines the problem of the harvesting of primates, including several species of extremely endangered gorillas, for "bushmeat."

Shadows in the Forest »

Director: Roxana Amini, Carly Pandza, Matthew Prouty & Jacob Taylor In the jungles of Cameroon, its native peoples find themselves pushed ever farther away from the forests that sustain and give their lives vibrancy and magic.

Giant Steps »

Director: Brock Carter & Zac Petrillo Courage, hope, and the power of dance help bring war-torn Cambodia back to life.