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A selection of award-winning documentaries created by Dodge College Students for our Destination Africa and Community Voices programs

PLEASE NOTE: Student films are uncensored and may contain material offensive to some viewers

Person walking in the forest with text that reads 'Among Giants' mixed in with the trees

Among Giants

Produced and directed by: Sam Price-Waldman, Chris Cresci, Toby Mullinkosson Among Giants begins three years into the McKay Tract tree-sit in California’s coastal redwood region. Atop his tiny platform a hundred feet up in the ancient redwood canopy, environmental activist Farmer must battle the elements and avoid isolation as he fights for a sustainable future.
Text that reads 'Giving women credit microfinance as a tool for creating change'

Giving Women Credit

This film offers an on-the-ground look at the idea of Microfinance used as a tool for creating change in a third-world country through the direct work of Non-Profit and NGO WomensTrust Inc.
Text that reads 'Ritmo Do Morumbi'

Ritmo Do Morumbi

Director: Rhianon Gutierrez, Gabrielle Bashist, Tyson Hauff, Josh Kun, Collin Martin & Tyler Zelinsky Children from the favelas of Sao Paulo, Brazil, see hope for a better future at Meninos do Morumbi, through singing, dancing, drumming and other activities.
Text that reads 'Notre Joie, Notre Vie (Our Joy, Our Life)'

Notre Joie, Notre Vie (Our Joy, Our Life)

Director: Ruthie Rubietta Trafficking for sex and domestic labor is rife in poverty-stricken Cameroon. Against daunting odds, several organizations are trying to fight this pernicious trade.
Text that reads 'Eye to Eye'

Eye to Eye

Director: Andrea Capranico, Hannah Taylor, Nicholas Weisnet & Breanna Wing This film examines the problem of the harvesting of primates, including several species of extremely endangered gorillas, for "bushmeat."
Text that reads 'Shadows in the Forest'

Shadows in the Forest

Director: Roxana Amini, Carly Pandza, Matthew Prouty & Jacob Taylor In the jungles of Cameroon, its native peoples find themselves pushed ever farther away from the forests that sustain and give their lives vibrancy and magic.
Text that reads 'Giant Steps'

Giant Steps

Director: Brock Carter & Zac Petrillo Courage, hope, and the power of dance help bring war-torn Cambodia back to life.
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