» BA in Theatre

The BA degree is a broad overview of theatre studies and requires 47 credit hours of coursework, which includes a core of acting, directing, technical theatre, history and literature. At Chapman, we have two areas of study in the BA program track to allow the student to personalize his or her theatre education.
  • Production Photo, If All The Sky Were PaperThe BA Theatre, Technology Area of Study is for students interested in technology and design, and provides specialized training in skills such as drafting, stagecraft, design and advanced technology courses. The Technology emphasis provides skills and hands-on experiences to students that will serve them well in a career behind the scenes in theatre and media, or as preparation for more advanced training in technology and design in graduate programs.
  • The BA Theatre, Theatre Studies Area of Study is designed for those students who are not exclusively interested in acting, but wish to explore theatre opportunities in several areas such as producing, stage management, dramaturgy and other theatre topics. The degree can be personalized to the interests of the student by choices in electives, independent studies and internships. Graduates of the BA program are well prepared for further study in graduate school or able to pursue work professionally in their area of interest.


BA Degree Program Learning Outcomes:

Students with a BA in Theatre will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competent skills in acting and theatre technology to support stage production.
  • Synthesize their analysis and/or research of theatrical genres in well-written and persuasive documents.
  • Demonstrate competent directing skills in a stage production.
  • Demonstrate accountability, collaboration and professionalism in various theatrical endeavors.