» About the College of Performing Arts


Our students in the College of Performing Arts (CoPA) are at the core of everything we do. Whether for dance, music, or theatre, they come here to hone their craft and turn their passion into a profession.

Actually, the first day our students’ professional careers begins on their first day at Chapman. Unlike some institutions, we immediately regard our students as the artists that they are. Their professors know them by name, and we welcome and encourage them to contribute to the energy, creativity, and collaboration that are the hallmarks of our college.

As dean, my mission is also to support our faculty as they continue their brilliant educational and creative work, helping them keep the College at the forefront of performing arts education.

The proof of our combined success shines clearly in the nearly 100 live performances planned each season, many of them with free admission, providing the University and the larger community with truly memorable artistic experiences

I think you will agree when you attend a CoPA performance that these exceptional, talented, passionate young people are well on their way toward a successful and gratifying career in the performing arts. We hope you will return often to see the College of Performing Arts in action as we work towards training artists and transforming lives, creating anything imaginable!

Giulio M. Ongaro, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor
College of Performing Arts