» Why Choose Music As A Major?

Opera Singers perform in In recent years, music has been a multi-billion dollar industry offering career opportunities to thousands of people.  There are many music-related opportunities  in industries such as entertainment, healthcare, education, radio and television, and business.  Music majors can work in songwriting, teaching, booking agencies, and music stores, and become performers, disc jockeys, sound and audio technicians, and instrument repairers, to name a few.  Wherever your interests and fortes lie within the field of music, there are sure to be many career opportunities for you.

The mission of the William D. Hall and Marybelle and Sebastian P. Musco Conservatory of Music is to provide education in music with an emphasis on traditional academic disciplines, combined with the development of personal performance skills, all within the setting of a liberal arts institution.  The Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music offers the Bachelor of Arts in music as well as the Bachelor of Music with emphases in composition, music education, and performance (conducting, instrumental—keyboard collaborative arts, piano, guitar— and vocal).  Furthermore, the goal of the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music is to enrich the artistic atmosphere of the campus and community and to provide opportunities for creative and scholarly excellence.

Potential employment opportunities are available to music majors at educational institutions, orchestral ensembles, musical instrument manufacturers, record labels, public relations firms, the entertainment industry, self-employed, symphonies, hospitals/hospices, healthcare organizations, schools, and creative arts therapy programs, just to name a few.