Photo of Henri Temianka Archives in Musco Center for the Arts
Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music

» Temianka Endowed Scholarship for String Studies

"You have a very simple choice: to create or not to create."

—Henri Temianka

In February 2013, through a generous gift of $2.25m from Daniel Temianka and Zeinab Dabbah, Chapman University endowed the Henri Temianka Professorship in Music and Scholarship in String Studies, in memory of the gifted and indefatigable artist and ambassador of classical music.

“The legacy of Henri Temianka has impacted Chapman and the Hall-Musco Conservatory in so many ways,” said Giulio Ongaro, Dean of the College of Performing Arts.

"The Temianka-Saparoff violin, which we entrust every year to one of our Temianka Scholars, helps them to learn and grow artistically on a professional-caliber instrument, and the Temianka Archives, with their priceless collection of documents and memorabilia, help us reconstruct musical life at the time of Henri Temianka. We are fortunate to have the support of the Temianka family,” Ongaro concluded.

A bronze portrait bust of Henri Temianka was dedicated at Chapman in 2013, and was previously found adjacent to Bertea Hall. Upon completion of the Marybelle and Sebastian P. Musco Center for the Arts in spring 2016, Temianka’s bust was placed in the Bette and Wylie Aitken Arts Plaza adjacent to the center, between the busts of Mozart and Puccini.

Temianka Endowed Professorship

The Henri Temianka Endowed Professorship in Music was established to enhance the acclaimed string studies program for violin majors at Chapman's Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music. "The Temianka Endowed Professorship allows us to bring to campus a musician of the highest caliber to share their knowledge and experience with our students," Dean Ongaro said. Established in 2013, this important post was first held by William Fitzpatrick who brought his knowledge, expertise, and distinguished stature as a leading international violinist to Chapman's conservatory students. 

Today, the Temianka Endowed Professorship is held by the esteemed Dr. So Jin Kim, who also leads the Temianka Quartet at Chapman.

Temianka Scholarship

"The Temianka Endowed Scholarship Fund allows us to attract talented students to campus by making their education more affordable," said Dean Ongaro.

In addition to financial support, Temianka Scholars may be granted the opportunity to use the prized Albert Saparoff violin and bow, a gift from the Temianka family, during their time at Chapman. This special instrument is inspected annually by an expert luthier to maintain the violin to the highest standards.

About Henri Temianka

Henri Temianka (1906–1992) was a significant figure in the classical music world during the 20th century and one of the era's foremost concert violinists. He performed more than 4,000 concerts during his long career, and his virtuoso talents made him a global favorite and an icon of the Southern California music scene. Temianka was also a prominent conductor, educator and author, and founder of the renowned Paganini Quartet and California Chamber Symphony.

Learn more about the maestro in Temianka Talks Music: Lectures from a Virtuoso, a fascinating multimedia project by Mitchell Tanaka.