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If you are interested in one of our Music Minor programs, please visit this link to start the interview process. You will be contacted to arrange an interview.

orchestra performing live with filmFilm Music

This minor gives you an understanding of how music works in film—what music does and how it does it—as well as the basics of music theory and how to relate music to picture. You can choose courses that create a technical track, focusing on composing music for film and the technology needed for film composition or courses that create a film music studies track, focusing on the history and aesthetics of film music.

The film music minor is not available to students in the the music B.A. program.

student performing cello for classGeneral Music

If you choose the General Music minor, you will develop a background in music theory, music history, and music performance (both solo and ensemble settings).

The general music minor is not available to students in the B.M. or music B.A. programs.

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Music Business

You'll gain an understanding of how the music industry works, including the areas of marketing and sales, publication, copyright and licensing, artist management, audio technology and music production, and music supervision if you choose the Music Business minor. You will also learn how to communicate and interact with people in various areas of the music industry. The program includes frequent lectures and workshops with national and global music-industry professionals, with particular focus on the Los Angeles area. [Pictured: Maestro Carl St.Clair of Pacific Symphony in a master class for music students.]

Music Technology

This minor exposes students to a variety of music technology areas, including computers, software, and equipment, through courses such as:

  • Principles of Music Technology and Electroacoustic Music—feature collaboration with other students
  • Audio Recording Techniques and A/V Concert Recording & Archiving—feature hands-on experience with audio & video recording
  • Introduction to Synthesis—create sounds from scratch
  • Advanced Topics in Music Tech—explore the latest in music tech with special topics like "Music Videos & Digital Media for Musicians," "Laptop Ensemble," "Live Performance with Music Technology," and more
  • Post-Production Editing and Processing Techniques—refine your skills in this area
  • Directed Research in Music Technology—build your own course to pursue anything imaginable through individual instruction (private lessons) with music tech teachers

For questions about music technology courses, email Prof. Adam Borecki

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Admission Process

Contact the conservatory chair, Dr. Amy Graziano ( for an interview to determine if it is possible to complete your chosen minor in time to graduate. If it is, you will be placed on the pre-minor list. After being placed on this list, you will be eligible to submit the form to declare your minor.