» BFA in Theatre Performance

Chapman’s BFA degrees are designed for students who know that their goal is to act professionally. BFA degrees require 78 credit hours of coursework.

Production Photo, One-ActsThe BFA in Theatre Performance curriculum focuses on acting technique, movement, voice and speech, text analysis and preparation for the actor after completion of the core curriculum and is focused to those students who wish to pursue acting careers primarily in theatre. The BFA requires a core curriculum in all areas of theatre, focuses on developing strong acting technique, and offers applied performance opportunities. The program includes a business of acting course and a showcase opportunity to present students to industry professionals at the end of the senior year, and prepares students to begin their acting careers after graduation or to apply to graduate programs in theatre.


BFA Theatre Performance Degree Program Learning Outcomes:

Students with a BFA in Theatre Performance will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competent skills in acting, voice and movement to support a performance.
  • Demonstrate research and analytical skills in well-written and cogent documents relating to dramatic texts, performance evaluation and character development.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how theatrical productions are created and produced through the practice of theatrical collaboration.
  • Demonstrate accountability, collaboration, and professionalism in various theatrical endeavors.
  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge of the business of acting required to succeed in a theatrical career.