» BFA Actor Showcase

Transitioning from Student to Professional

Every spring, the Chapman University Department of Theatre presents a showcase in Orange and Los Angeles featuring students who have majored in screen acting and theatre performance. The Chapman BFA Actor Showcase is the celebratory culmination of their undergraduate studies and is vital to launching their post-academic careers.

All of our graduates have spent four years training to meet the demands of the entertainment industry, and the showcase  provides them the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities while introducing them to industry professionals such as casting directors, managers, agents, artistic directors, freelance directors, and producers.

Following each performance, industry professionals may reach out to any number of graduates for a meeting. These meetings often lead to fruitful partnerships, auditions, dynamic collaborations, and even long-term mentorship.

Meet the Chapman Acting Graduates of 2021

Ethan Bartley

Collette Bowen

Delia Bush

Izzi Cavotta

Allie Davis

Grace Eberle

Amber Edgar

Eliza Fitch

Noah Fletcher

Riley Hutcheson

Jeremy Ingraham

Brady Jacob

Rachel Kelly

Sarah Klotz

Ansley Layne

Lauren Lundeen

Bella Mercurio

Hannah Miller

Jonah Nicholas

Meir Parent

Samantha Reed

Stephanie Reedy

Rion Romero

Reese Shald

Martha Shaw

Amber Steigelfest

Shayna Sternin

Alexander Wardach

Zoe Wilber