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Chapman University's mission is to provide a personalized education of distinction. I strongly believe that this mission extends beyond the four years you will spend with us on campus. We strive to be a resource for you throughout your career, because your success is our success, and we rejoice in your accomplishments. As an alumnus, you will also be a great role models and resource for the next generation of CoPA students and, as you will find, these connections are particularly important in the performing arts. It is thanks to our alumni that we have increased our reputation in the real world, and it is important that we hear from you to continue our growth and to support you.

Dean Giulio Ongaro
College of Performing Arts

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  • There are many ways to stay connected to your fellow alumni, and stay up-to-date on the current happenings at your alma mater!


    Join a CoPA Alumni Facebook Group


    Attend a CoPA Performance

    Check out all of our upcoming events at


    Receive Alumni News

    Make sure your current contact information is up-to-date here so you won't miss out on alumni communications from Chapman and CoPA.


    Share YOUR News

    • Use the #ChapmanCoPA and #ChapmanAlumni hashtags on social media to let your Chapman community know about your accomplishments and upcoming projects
    • Share announcements and career updates directly with CoPA by emailing
    • Submit a Class Note to share your personal and professional accomplishments with the entire Chapman Family
  • Alumni Mentorship

    CoPA maintains a list of Alumni Mentors who are open to being contacted by current students and other alumni for informational interviews and career advice. Alumni Mentors may also submit their personal resumes, cover letters, and websites to be used as examples for others. To be added to the list or to submit sample materials, please contact


    Alumni Volunteers

    There are many opportunities to volunteer your time to Chapman and CoPA, such as:

    • Speaking on an alumni panel at various events throughout the year
    • Hosting a Chappy Hour in your area
    • Giving an info session about career opportunities in your organization
    • Hosting a career excursion at your place of work

    To get involved with any of these projects, or to suggest your own idea, please contact


    Donate to CoPA

    If you have the means to support our programs financially, please visit this page to learn more about the many ways you can be a part of the lasting legacy we are building here at CoPA.

  • We understand that the transition from college to career is not always easy, especially in creative fields. That's why we are dedicated to supporting our alumni at all stages, and providing support to our CoPA graduates in every way we can. We are proud of the fact that Chapman is your Career Connection for Life, which means that even after you graduate you retain access to all career services for free and forever. All CoPA alumni are welcome to contact the CoPA Career Advisor for support. Learn more about CoPA Career Advising here.

    If you have any other questions or concerns about the CoPA alumni experience, please reach out to