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As a prospective student, it’s an exciting time to apply to Chapman University. With world-class educators, small class sizes, state-of-the-art facilities and an active and supportive student body, Chapman is a perfect environment to get the most out of your higher education.

We offer exemplary arts and sciences degrees to a diverse group of undergraduate and graduates alike from all around the globe. Admittance is based upon academic achievements, character and personal accomplishments. Apply now and let Chapman’s distinguished education be a part of your future success.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Admission

If you are a current high school student or graduate, undergraduate transfer student, or looking to earn an additional bachelor's degree, click the link above to take the first steps to a distinguished higher education.
Graduate Admission link

Graduate Admission

Undergraduates or professionals looking to earn a graduate degree or teaching credential at Chapman University, click the link above and learn how you can reach your full professional and personal potential.