Chapman students posing with Chapman swag.
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» Student Life Learning Outcomes

Student Life Learning Outcomes Student Affairs provides learning experiences outside the classroom. The Chapman experience creates engaging environments and meaningful experiences that facilitate the following learning outcomes:


A Healthy Sense of Self

Students will develop an honest understanding and appreciation of themselves and an ability to make individual choices that promote their health and well-being.

A Framework of Personal Ethics and Values

Students will develop a framework of consistent ethics and values that guides their daily lives.

An Ability to Apply Critical Thought

Students will make effective decisions grounded in careful, objective analysis of information, experiences, and ideas.

An Ability to Develop and Sustain Meaningful Relationships

Students will develop skills to establish and sustain healthy, meaningful interpersonal relationships.

A Value and Respect for Differences

Students will recognize, respect, and value diverse experiences, ideas, backgrounds, and identities.

A Commitment to Citizenship

Students will understand their role and responsibilities within local and global communities and commit to becoming an engaged member.

A Pursuit of Lifelong Learning

 Students will develop an intellectual curiosity and desire for continual learning both within and beyond formal education.