» MFA Creative Writing Thesis Proposal Submission Form

Please use this form to submit your MFA thesis proposal. All graduate students must have an approved thesis proposal prior to enrolling in their thesis course.

The proposal must include the following components:

  • Project Statement: A 1-page, double-spaced statement that outlines the thesis project
  • Sample of Work: A complete short story, first chapter of a novel, complete essay, a first chapter of a nonfiction book, or ten pages of poetry. This sample must be intended to be part of the thesis. For other genres, consult with the Program Director before submitting the proposal
  • The proposal should be a single file with the naming convention: MFAthesis_Genre_LastName

For the MFA Degree, the thesis proposal is due in the Spring semester before the academic year that student plans to enroll in the thesis course. For example, a first-year student who wants to defend their thesis in the Fall or Spring term of their second year would submit the proposal in the Spring of their first year.

The deadline for MFA Thesis Proposals in the following Fall or Spring Term is April 20, regardless of the day of the week the date falls on.

By the end of the semester, the Department of English will notify the student in writing that the thesis proposal is approved or indicate what revisions are needed before resubmitting. A thesis director assignment, as well as instructions for enrollment in the thesis course, is part of that approval.