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Discover Chapman Day
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A Chapman University education is more than preparation for graduation day. In the diverse programs that comprise Wilkinson College, students begin living their future before they graduate. In the Wilkinson College tradition, that means students learn how to make a difference in the world around them. Through the guidance of committed faculty, students learn in classrooms and laboratories as well as through internships and community service. Before leaving the university, they begin their lives as informed, engaged citizens.

Wilkinson’s distinguished faculty is composed of active scholars who are renowned nationally and internationally for their academic excellence and contribution to knowledge. But just as important, they are also enthusiastic teachers who take seriously their responsibility of ensuring that our students, whether majors, minors, or graduate students, are prepared for the intellectual, ethical, and professional challenges that a rapidly changing world is going to present.

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MA English, MFA Creative Writing, Dual MA/MFA, and MS in Health and Strategic Communication

You’ll be able to complete both your bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years, 4 years of undergrad study + 1 year of graduate work. 

Programs offered:

4+1 Integrated Undergraduate/Master of Arts in English

4+1 Integrated Undergraduate/Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

4+1 Integrated Undergraduate/Dual MA in English and MFA in Creative Writing

Art Photography

Department of Art

Learn about contemporary visual art and develop techniques with an emphasis on interdisciplinary practice. Contribute as an artist, curator, teacher, and more.
English Student Studying

Department of English

Learn from a variety of specialized areas including literary and critical courses in theory; creative writing; journalism; rhetoric and composition; and linguistics.
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Department of History

Gain more than the knowledge and tools of history—understand a sense of roots and a broader perspective on the diverse regions and peoples of the world.
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Department of World Languages and Cultures

The department of World Languages and Cultures offers the study of major world languages such as Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.
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The Department of Peace Studies

Learn about the causes of violence and war and train in the history and techniques necessary for peaceful solutions to world issues.
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Department of Philosophy

Learn to think logically; state and defend views clearly; analyze and solve problems; and integrate the personal and professional aspects of life.
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Political Science Department

Discover the great and enduring ideas of political philosophy; concepts and theories central to an understanding of international relations; and the theory and practice of American politics and government.
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Department of Religious Studies

Explore the relationship of faith and reason in how we address contemporary challenges of social justice, war and peace, the environmental crisis, medical ethics, human rights, and globalization.

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