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» Wilkinson College First-Year Focus Programs: Health Equity

Engaging the World, Wilkinson College’s First-Year Focus program, combines course-work and extra-curricular programming to promote mindful reflection and thoughtful dialogue around critical social issues of our times. The program encourages students to envision the previously unimaginable and bring disparate ideas together in new configurations to cultivate nuanced and informed responses to current social challenges. Other elements of the program help students successfully navigate the transition from high school to college.

Wilkinson College is committed to leading the conversation on issues of humanity, unity, and justice. This core commitment is reflected in all Engaging the World FFC courses, demonstrating the vital importance of the arts, humanities, and social sciences for tackling difficult issues and problems. The program builds on the wide-ranging expertise of our Faculty and offers multidisciplinary approaches and examinations of societal issues that are crucial to becoming informed and caring global citizens. 

Each year, Wilkinson College selects one pressing societal issue concerning the college-age generation to examine deeply through its signature fall event series, Engaging the World: Leading the Conversation on…. By connecting some or all FFC course content to these events, the Engaging the World FFC program ensures that visiting speakers, art exhibits, and film screenings have a meaningful impact on students’ education, often informing their research and artistic FFC course projects.

ETW 2023: Health Equity

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