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The practice of American politics and government.

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Students in the Political Science Department discover the great and enduring ideas of political philosophy, concepts and theories central to an understanding of international relations, and the theory and practice of American politics and government.

To achieve these ends, each political science student will become well-grounded in the social sciences, familiar with the philosophy and methodology of inquiry in the discipline, and acquainted with well-known criticisms of approaches to inquiry in political science. Students will become familiar with the breadth and diversity of approaches—both theoretical and practical—and intellectual traditions within the student's chosen sub-field concentration.

Political science is one of the largest majors at Chapman University. Beyond providing detailed knowledge of the political world, training in political science helps the student think clearly and communicate effectively—skills that are required in any career. The study of political science enhances students’ abilities to be effective citizens. Whether watching presidential debates, breaking news stories on global or domestic crises or media coverage of current events, political science students will have the skills to contextualize what is happening and analyze the situation.  As a result, when they go to vote, write a letter to a congressperson, or discuss matters with family and friends, their enhanced insight will be valuable to their actions as citizens.


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