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"Coyotes" follows Carlos, a Mexican-American teenager who struggles to live a normal life as he helps his parents smuggle immigrants across the border.

"Higher Education"

Angelica Harrison thinks that her mother, Brooke, will head right back home to Indiana once she drops off Angelica at college in Southern California. But (surprise!) mom’s taken a job teaching at Angelica’s school. Angelica is furious – and she’s got a surprise of her own for Brooke. Angelica finds out that her birth father, Jimmy, who she never met, is a free-living fitness instructor who lives nearby. Angelica, Brooke and Jimmy all have a lot to learn in Higher Education.

"The Pledge"

Boy wants girl…but girl has a boyfriend. What’s a fellow to do? Thomas Lovejoy figures his only chance to date Blair is by pledging the fraternity that hangs with her sorority. Unfortunately, Blair’s boyfriend Brent is the head of the pledge committee – and he intends to make Thomas’s life a living hell.

"Two Close" TV Pilot Trailer

Tristan Matthews is ready to leave her wild child high school identity behind and create a fresh new one in college. There’s just one problem: a computer error has placed her in the same dorm room as her nosy, judgmental twin brother Trevor. Togetherness is one thing, but a brother and sister sharing the same dorm room…well, that may be just a little too close.

Chapman News

Dodge College’s Emmy-nominated weekly live newscast, Chapman News. Broadcast throughout Southern California on Time Warner Channel 6, U-Verse Channel 99 and online at www.chapmannews.tv.