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  • Angelica Harrison thinks that her mother, Brooke, will head right back home to Indiana once she drops off Angelica at college in Southern California. But (surprise!) mom’s taken a job teaching at Angelica’s school. Angelica is furious – and she’s got a surprise of her own for Brooke. Angelica finds out that her birth father, Jimmy, who she never met, is a free-living fitness instructor who lives nearby. Angelica, Brooke and Jimmy all have a lot to learn in Higher Education.
  • Written & Executive Produced by
    Devonie Royal-Gordon

    Executive Producers
    James Gardner
    Ross Brown

    Co-Executive Producer
    Beth Wickman

    Supervising Producer
    Katrina Jameson

    Victor Amezquita
    Devon Brady
    Vanessa Gordon
    Matt Jekowsky
    Hans Sahni
    Ashley Young
    Malica Chehrzad

    Directed by
    Robert S. Amidon
    Hans Sahni
    Devoni Royal-Gordon

    Director of Photography
    Niels Lindelien