» "Two Close"

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  • Tristan Matthews is ready to leave her wild child high school identity behind and create a fresh new one in college.  There’s just one problem: a computer error has placed her in the same dorm room as her nosy, judgmental twin brother Trevor.  Togetherness is one thing, but a brother and sister sharing the same dorm room…well, that may be just a little too close.
  • Directed by

    Clayton Baker

    Cameron Wohlschlaeger

    Written by

    Shana Wilensky

    Co-Executive Producer

    Courtney Teller

    Supervising Producer

    Ashley Pacini


    Jenny Leaf

    Cameron Hutchinson

    Director of Photography

    James Geyer

    Production Designer

    Becca Gardner

    Costume Designer

    Natalie Lam

    Edited by

    Nathan Grout

    Music By

    John Doty

    Sound Designer

    Mohit Kakkar

    Casting by

    Emily Schoener