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We celebrate our generous supporters of the Fund for Excellence and are grateful for the valuable resources and opportunities they make possible for our students. We hope you'll join them in their passion for the arts and become part of a lasting legacy at the College of Performing Arts!

Every effort is made to ensure all current donor names are included and listed correctly. If you notice an error or omission, please contact Bobby Reade: reade@chapman.edu

  • Dean's Circle
  • Grand Patron
  • Benefactor
  • Associate
  • Partner
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  • Corporate and Foundation Partners
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  • Dean's Circle

    ($10,000 and above)

    Rhea Black Family

    Jackie & James Curleigh

    Patrick & Mary Dirk/TROY Group

    Alexandra Ek

    Angela Friedman

    Freer Family, in honor of faculty & staff of Maranatha High School in Pasadena, CA

    Dr. Thomas Gordon Hall & Mrs. Willy Hall, ’64

    Nancy Handel

    Joann Leatherby & Greg Bates

    Luciana Marabella †

    Honorable H. Warren Siegel & Mrs. Jan Siegel †

    The Soghikian Family, in honor of Kim Taylor

    Mrs. Ruth E. Stewart

    Dr. Daniel Temianka & Dr. Zeinab H. Dabbah


    † Consecutive Dean’s Circle donor

  • Grand Patron

    ($5,000 $9,999)

    Josie & Bruce King

    Marybelle & Sebastian P. Musco

    Giulio & Cheryl Ongaro

    Ivan & Erika Williams

  • Benefactor

    ($1,000 $4,999)

    Thomas & Shannon Barrett

    Mrs. Wanlyn Bejach

    Brad & Mary Anne Blaine

    Dr. Donald Booth

    Sandra Charlesworth, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    The Coburn Family

    Dr. William L. Cumiford, in honor of Dr. Ronald Huntington

    Lori & Dan D’Arrigo

    Drs. Lynne & Jim Doti

    Neil & Sharon Edlin

    John Engelbrecht, in memory of Carrie Weaver Engelbrecht, '77

    Miguel & Jody Escobar

    Kenneth J. Ferguson & Dawn Dow

    Frank Frisch

    Ron & Karen Jordan

    Dr. William D. Hall & Mr. David M. Masone

    Steve & Sandy Karrmann

    Michelle & Steve Kelly

    Leigh Ann & Kenneth Kluge

    Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Lineberger '73, in honor of Norma Lineberger

    David & Keiko Loew, in honor of Isaac Loew

    Deidre & Tony Madrigal

    Molly Mahoney '02

    Mr. Peter Marks & Mrs. Elizabeth H. Marks

    Linda & Merlin Norton

    The O’Dell Group

    Dr. Richard '70 & Colleen Pitts

    Kevin & Pamela Robertson, in honor of Madeline Robertson

    Eric M. Scandrett, in honor of Dr. Stephen Coker

    James & Linda Steele

    Jean & James Taber, in honor of CoPA students, faculty, and staff

    Carol & Larry Tannas, Jr.

    Robert & Leah Traut

    Tunink Law Firm

    Randall Violett

    Mark & Teresa Walchirk, in honor of Allison Walchirk

    Mr. Andrew P. Warren & Mrs. Sharon M. Warren

  • Associate

    ($500 $999)

    Genevieve & Roger Biggs

    Richard & Mary Bryant

    John Carbon, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Jeff Cogan

    Dr. Jose J. Cueto & Anita Prietto, in honor of Pablo Cueto, '16

    Mr. Thomas Durante

    Charles & Mary Favazzo, in honor of Dale Fowler

    Gabriel & Maria Ferrucci

    Dr. Paul Floyd & Gregory Norton, '84

    Donna Gladson

    Charles & Peggy Gust

    Stacy Hagen

    The Purlia Johnson Family

    Kerry Korf

    John & Nancy Koshak

    Dr. Joseph Matthews, in memory of Dr. Ralph Smith

    Richard Nelson & Sharon Murphy

    Tom & Colleen Piechota

    Linda & Jim Ruth

    Richard & Kerry Smith

    Dr. Louise Thomas

    Elaine & Gaddi Vasquez

    Mr. Ales Vysin & Mrs. Janice Vysin

    Mrs. Michele Wanner & Mr. Charles Wanner, in honor of Dr. Giulio M. Ongaro

    Mr. David Weatherill, '51 & Mrs. Beverly Weatherill, '50, in honor of Mrs. Greta M. Weatherill

    Gaia & Wade Winter

  • Partner

    ($250 $499)

    Mr. Kenneth E. Aaron & Mrs. Sheila L. Aaron, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Mary Birch & Phil Kryder

    Jennifer & Phil Carter

    Michele Coletti, in honor of Natalie Fadel, '20

    Rex & Stacy Colwell

    Marcia & Robert Cooley

    Judi Dutton

    Jaime & Cheri Espinosa

    Janese Hiles

    Ward & Veronica Jenkins

    William & Tina Johnson

    Marc Kitchel, in memory of Cathy Kyle

    Michael & Diane Kubitz

    Bill & Cathy Lapenta

    Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Nolasco

    Phyllis Pearce, in honor of Gordon Lane Shepard

    Michael & Julie Schwarz

    Beverly Spring

    Jennifer Tramutola, in honor of John R. Tramutola III

    Judith & David Vogel

    Ms. Janet K. Waiblinger

  • Friend

    ($100 $249)

    Christina Alexopoulos, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Mr. William B. Armstrong, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Massouda Baha, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Warren & Karen Bartholomew, in honor of Kira Bartholomew

    Michael & Susan Bass, in honor of Edward Bass

    Mr. Robert Becker

    Ed & Elaine Berriman

    Dr. Amy & Dr. Jon Boggs

    Chris & Kerry Boyle

    Mr. Thomas F. Bradac

    Karen Brady

    The Breunig Family

    Peter & Sandra Brodie, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Mr. James Brown & Mrs. Victoria Brown

    Mr. Gavin Cameron-Webb

    Tracy & John Carey

    Todd & Jamie Ceman

    June Cheo

    Linda Corcoran

    Judy Crum

    Cynthia DiBenedetto

    Ms. Carol Eltiste, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Dr. Tod Mark Fitzpatrick

    Ray & Nancy Fleeman

    Dr. Grace Fong

    Ms. Amy Nelson Frelinger

    David & Peggy Frostad

    Mrs. Martha H. Garrett, in honor of William Hall

    Kate Grant, in honor of Michael Nehring

    Elizabeth Gregal, in honor of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Premysl & Marianne Grund

    Kathryn M. Hansen

    Ben & Barbara Harris, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Eric Hill

    Susan & David Hook, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Mr. Alexander D. Howard, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Carol & Daniel Howard, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Dr. Vera Ivanova

    Stephen & Janalee Johnson

    Reed & Linda Jones, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Mr. Christopher Kawai & Mrs. Elaine M. Kawai

    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Kerner, in honor of Ms. Allison M. Kerner

    Jean Korf

    Mrs. Bey-Bey Li

    Mariette & Ed Linberg, in honor of Jenna Wall, '17

    Courtney Lutkus

    Ms. Kathleen Malcomb, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Dr. Armand T. Masongsong & Dr. Martina B. Masongsong, in honor of Amanda B. Masongsong

    James & Melody McCulloch

    Mr. Jim McKeehan

    Dan & Katie Molin

    Lars & Denise Momsen

    Stephen Morenz

    Jason Motsick

    Victor Moy

    Michael Nehring

    Mrs. Allison Novosel, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Mrs. Esther Kyung Hee Park

    Mr. & Mrs. William Parker

    Yvette Pergola

    Gail Pickart

    Teresa Pond

    Kelly Radetich, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Bogdan & Dian Radev, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Mr. & Mrs. Ragey

    Cathy & Robert Ravera, in honor of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    John Ravera, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Bobby Reade, in honor of Dr. Giulio M. Ongaro

    Steven Reynolds

    Louise Rinella, in honor of James Neal, '17

    Dr. Francie Rippy

    John & Mary Robinson, in honor of Nathaniel Robinson, '02

    Henry & Patricia Roskos

    Linda Sanchez, in memory of Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson

    Donald & Beverly Sarton

    Brooke Saulsbury

    Ankit Shah

    Rebecca Sherburn

    Leeann Skorohod

    Bill & Tita Smith, in honor of Dr. Marilyn Harran

    Danie I. Spence

    Ed Subia & Melinda Chapman Subia, in honor of Jason Chapman Subia, '99

    Dr. Nicholas Terry

    Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Thomas IV

    Mey Ling Tsai

    Sherry Tuseth, in honor of Anna-Sophie Jackson

    Linda Vinopal & Robert Fodor, in honor of Paige Fodor, '12

    The Wall Family

    Peter & Heather Westenhofer

    Jennifer Winch

    J.P. Woodward

    Harrison Zierer

  • Corporate and Foundation Partners

    The College of Performing Arts thanks the following artistic, business, foundation, and producing partners for their ongoing and generous support, making possible a variety of College-wide activities and initiatives that make the Chapman University community vibrant with the performing arts:

    City of Orange Public Library Foundation

    The Covington

    First Christian Church

    Gemini Industries, Inc.

    GRAMMY® Museum Foundation

    Gluck Bradley Foundation

    Hutton Parker Foundation

    Joshua Green Foundation

    Kawai America

    Kay Family Foundation

    La Habra Library

    Leatherby Family Foundation

    McKeever Water Well & Pump Service

    Music Teachers Association of California

    Pacific Symphony

    Presser Foundation

    O.L. Halsell Foundation

    Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra

    Sigma Alpha Iota

    St. John’s Lutheran Church

    Segerstrom Center for the Arts

    The SJL Foundation

    Southern California Junior Bach Festival

    University Synagogue

    Waltmar Foundation

  • Endowments

    The College of Performing Arts recognizes the following donor-funded endowments that help enrich the lives of our students and faculty:

    The Bertea Family Chair in Music

    The William Hall Visiting Professorship

    The John Koshak Visiting Professorship

    The Robert & Norma Lineberger Endowed Chair in Music

    The Eileen & Ole Mols Endowed Talent Scholarship for Instrumental Music

    The Donald & Gwen Shaffer Music Program Endowment

    The Henri Temianka Endowed Professorship in Music

    The Temianka Violin Endowment

    Caron and Jeff Winston Endowment for String Education

  • Legacy Gifts

    The following individuals have found it meaningful to generously include the College of Performing Arts in their estate plans:

    Judith R. Baron Endowed Fund for Excellence in String Music Education

    June Norma Collier and Lawrence L. Collier Endowed Artist Scholarship for Opera Students

    June Norma Collier Scholarship in Theatre Production

    Lawrence L. and Sandra S. Collier Artist Scholarship in the School of Music

    Lawrence L. and Sandra S. Collier Resident String Quartet Endowed Fund

    Therese Duggan Endowed Scholarship in Vocal Performance

    Warren and Roberta Estrin Endowed Scholarship in Conducting Arts

    The Jacqueline M. Glass Chair in Theatre and Music

    Professor Henry Kemp-Blair and Janice Hecht, '75, Endowed Scholarship in Theatre

    Carol D. Tammen, '85, Scholarships for Theatre, Music and Art