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Student Business Services is responsible for the financial administration of all student billing related to tuition and fees, as well as providing support and advice to students to aid in understanding their student account with the university.

Billing and Payments

All tuition and billing is handled online through my.chapman.edu (Access ePay) where you can view charges & payments, make payments, set up a refund account and billing statements are some of the options you can do online through my.chapman.edu (Access ePay). For more information on your student tuition account, payment plans, employer reimbursement plan, and other business office related matters, please visit the web site at www.chapman.edu/SBS.

Course Fees

Certain courses require supplemental material.  Your student account will be billed for the appropriate fee(s).  Course supplement fees can be refunded up through the first week of classes only, even if approval to withdraw is subsequently granted, and only if the material is in good condition.

Tuition Withdrawal Policies

Fall & Spring Semesters

  • 100% refund to students who withdraw during the first week of classes 
  • 50% to those who drop in the second week of classes
  • 20% refund in the third week of classes
  • No refund after the third week of classes

Summer Semester

  • Withdrawal prior to the first class meeting: 100%
  • Withdrawal after the first class meeting: 85%
  • Withdrawal after the second class meeting: 75%
  • Withdrawal after the third class meeting: 50%
  • Withdrawal after the fourth class meeting: none

Health Insurance

Law School students (non-international) have the option of purchasing Health Insurance and Health Services Center Fee through the university. 

Health Insurance for non-international students must be requested each year to maintain continued coverage. All students accessing the Health Services Center on campus must submit a Health Record Examination Form prior to their first semester of enrollment.

For more information on Health Insurance costs, fees, and enrollment deadlines, please visit the Student Business Services webpage.

Questions regarding policy coverage please contact the United Health Care at (800-767-0700) or visit https://www.uhcsr.com/chapman.

International Students

International students are automatically charged Health Insurance and Health Services Center Fee. A Health Record Examination Form is required prior to the first semester of enrollment. Submit form to the Health Services Center on campus.

Learn more about deadlines and waiver options at Student Business Services.


All costs and fees listed on this page are subject to change without notice.