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photo of Tamara Carson, JD; MLIS

Tamara Carson, JD; MLIS

Research/Instruction Librarian
(714) 628-2536
photo of Rachel Decker, MLIS

Rachel Decker, MLIS

Collection Management Librarian
(714) 628-2544
photo of Cathy Elliott, MLIS

Cathy Elliott, MLIS

Business Coordinator; Administrative Assistant
(714) 628-2538
photo of Heather Joy, JD; MLIS

Heather Joy, JD; MLIS

Research/Instruction Librarian
(714) 628-2539
photo of Linda  Kawaguchi, JD; MLIS

Linda Kawaguchi, JD; MLIS

Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation Library Director and Professor of Law
(714) 628-2538
photo of Ian Kim

Ian Kim

Circulation Assistant
(714) 628-2585
photo of Natalie Koziar

Natalie Koziar

Cataloging & Metadata Assistant
(714) 628-2508
photo of Seong Heon Lee, MLIS

Seong Heon Lee, MLIS

Systems/Technology Librarian
(714) 628-2598
photo of Sherry Leysen, JD; MLIS

Sherry Leysen, JD; MLIS

Associate Director for Library Services
(714) 628-2546
photo of David Moody, MLIS

David Moody, MLIS

Circulation Librarian
(714) 628-2541
photo of Sabrina Simmons

Sabrina Simmons

Circulation Assistant
(714) 628-2585
photo of Timothy Straus, MLIS

Timothy Straus, MLIS

Circulation Technician
(714) 628-2585
photo of Jackie Woodside, JD; MLIS

Jackie Woodside, JD; MLIS

Research/Instruction Librarian
(714) 628-2574