» Tuition & Scholarships: JD/MBA

Tuition and Aid

Students in the JD/MBA program will be "housed" in the law school. Their financial aid will be handled by the Graduate Financial Aid Office, they will register for course work with the law school's Registrar, and they will pay law school tuition for all four years of the program. Students will be reviewed by the Graduate Financial Aid Office for federal aid and need only submit one FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Aid) per year. Scholarships and grants applicable to each degree will be decided by the separate schools.

Note: should a student discontinue either the JD or the MBA, such student will pay the tuition for the program in which he or she continues.


Students wishing to be considered for scholarships to be awarded by the MBA program, should submit their MBA admission application as far in advance of beginning the program as possible.

It is highly recommended that students take the GMAT/GRE prior to commencing their first year of legal studies.

Students receiving scholarships from the School of Law will have those scholarships applied to the first, third and fourth years of the program according to the law school's scholarship policy in effect at the time the student entered. Any scholarships awarded by the MBA program will be applied to the students second year in the program. Thus, a JD/MBA student's law scholarship will be suspended during the second year of the program while the student engages in primarily MBA work. The renewal of a law scholarship after the first year will be based on the student's ranking within the law school cohort group with whom he/she entered. Thereafter, law scholarship awards will be based on the student's ranking within the full-time law class that is completing the 2L year of the JD only.