» JD/MBA Program Overview

Law School with TreesCredits: The joint degree program requires the completion of 118 total credits (as opposed to 138 credits if the two degrees are sought separately and outside the joint program).

*The Fowler School of Law will accept 8 of the MBA credits toward completion of its 88-credit requirement; thus students must complete 80 law credits (53 credits of required courses and 35 credits of electives).

*The Argyros School of Business and Economics will accept seven of the JD credits toward completion of its 50-credit requirement, thus reducing the MBA requirements to 38 business credits (35 credits of required courses and 3 credits of electives).

  • The Argyros School of Business and Economics will apply any seven credits from the Fowler School of Law toward the completion of its MBA degree, but will also allow certain other law courses (such as Federal Income Taxation) to count as business school electives.
  • Work transferred into the JD from the MBA will be treated as Pass/No Pass for the purposes of arriving at a law school GPA, and vice versa.

Residency: The Fowler School of Law has, in addition to completion of a certain number of credits and specific required courses, a residency requirement. Law students must complete six credits of residency. The JD/MBA program, as detailed in the semester-by-semester curriculum chart, is carefully constructed to allow students to meet their residency requirements. Students are cautioned that any self-initiated deviations from the schedule could results in difficulty meeting residency requirements. Consult with your advisor before considering any deviations.

Advisors: Students in the JD/MBA program will be "housed" in the Law School. Their financial aid will be handled by Graduate Financial Aid and they will register for course work with the Law School's Registrar. However, each program will appoint an advisor for students who will counsel students on progress to respective degrees as well as changes or updates within each school. The Argyros School of Business and Economics advisor is Associate Director Serena Healey and the Fowler School of Law Advisor is Professor Tom Campbell. Contact Us

Degrees & Transcripts: Degrees from each school will be awarded upon successful completion of all requirements for each degree. Two separate transcripts will be maintained for each student - one in Law and one in Business. Cumulative JD/MBA GPAs will not be commingled. The degrees conferred are not reflected on both transcripts (i.e. the School of Law transcript only shows a JD degree and the Business transcript only shows an MBA degree).

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