» Admissions: Joint JD/MBA

Admission Requirements: JD/MBA

Students interested in the joint degree must meet all admission requirements for each school and must submit separate applications to each school.

  • The GMAT/GRE is required for the MBA admissions application.
  • The LSAT is required for admissions to the law school.

Students may apply simultaneously to both programs. If admitted to both, the student will defer taking MBA courses for one year and will enroll exclusively in the first-year law curriculum. In year two, the majority of classes will be in the business school, and years three and four will be a combination of both law and business courses.

Students must earn a cumulative law GPA of at least 2.6 after completing the first-year law curriculum in order to proceed into the JD/MBA combined curriculum.

Already a Law Student?

Students may also apply to the MBA program during their first year in the school of law. Many of the current JD/MBA students did not apply to the MBA program until after completing the first semester of law school.