» Admission Requirements: JD/MFA

Students interested in the joint degree must meet all admission requirements for each school and must submit separate applications to each school. Students normally apply to the MFA program during their first year in the Fowler School of Law. Years two, three and four will be a combination of both law and MFA courses. Students should follow the sample curriculum at the end of this sub-section. All students must earn a cumulative law GPA of at least 2.6 after completing the first-year law curriculum in order to continue in the JD/MFA combined curriculum.

Students must complete an “Intent to Enroll” form for the joint program upon application to each program. Students should consult Dodge College about current requirements for the MFA admissions application.

The Law School has, in addition to completion of a certain number of credits and specific required courses, a residency requirement, as discussed in section 4.1.3 of the Law School Student Handbook. Law students must complete six units of residency. The JD/MFA program allows students to meet their residency requirements, but students are cautioned that deviations could result in difficulty meeting residency requirements.

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