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The dual degree program requires the completion of 124 total credits (as opposed to 136 credits if the two degrees are sought separately and outside the joint program). The Fowler School of Law would accept up to twelve selected credits from the MFA in Film and Television Producing toward completion of its 88-credit requirement; thus students must complete 76 credits from the JD program (54-56 units of required courses and 20-22 units of electives). The Dodge College of Film and Media Arts would accept up to six credits from the JD program. Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.6 or above upon completion of the first-year law curriculum in order to proceed into the second year JD/MFA combined curriculum.

Cross-listed Courses

MFA in Film and Television Producing Courses eligible for credit towards JD Degree:

FTV 560 Overview of Producing 3
FTV 562 Development Process of Film and Television 3
FTV 564 Film and Television Financing 3
FTV 661          Marketing/Distribution/Exhibition 3
FTV 674 Entertainment Law 3

Students must earn a grade of 3.0 or better in each of these courses, but will be assigned a grade of “P” or “NP” in the Fowler School of Law

JD Courses eligible for credit towards MFA in Film and Television degree (limit of six credits applied towards MFA):

LAW 7538 Entertainment Law 3
LAW 7600 Entertainment Contracts & Negotiations 3
LAW 7347 Film & Television Law 3
LAW 7348 International Entertainment Law 3
LAW 7830 Negotiating and Drafting Media Industry Transactions 3
LAW 7843 New Media and the Entertainment Industry 3

Students in the JD/MFA program will be administratively assigned to the Law School. They will register for course work with the Law School’s Registrar. However, each program will appoint an advisor for students and that advisor will counsel students on progress to the respective degrees as well as changes or updates within each school. The advisor for the JD portion of the program is Professor Kathy Heller, and the advisor for the MFA component is Professor Barbara Doyle.

Students in the JD/MFA program should meet with the Financial Aid Director at the Law School do discuss tuition and scholarship arrangements. [Note: should a student abandon either the JD or the MFA, such student will pay the tuition for the program in which he/she continues].

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JD/MFA – Sample Curriculum

JD/MFA – Sample Curriculum

Requirements for the Degree (Total Credits: 124)

First Year

Fall/Spring: LAW 1L curriculum (2 LAW residence units [2 total res units])

Summer: 2 LAW electives (6 cr.) (0.5 LAW residence units [2.5])

Second Year

Fall (12 cr.) (0.25 LAW residence units [2.75])

FTV 502          Evolution of Narrative Film I (3)

FTV 531          Production Workshop I (3)

FTV 534A        Production &Set Management for Producers (3)

FTV 560          Overview of Producing (3*)

Spring (12 cr.) (0 LAW residence units [2.75])

FTV 527          Fundamentals of Screenwriting (3)

FTV 566          Story for Producers (3)

FTV 567          Independent Feature Filmmaking (3)

FTV 631A        Production Workshop IV for Producers (3)

Summer (3 cr.)
(0 LAW residence units [2.75])

FTV 690          Independent Internship (3)

Third Year

Fall (9 cr.) (0.25 LAW residence units [3])

FTV 667          Thesis in Producing I (6)

LAW 7538       Entertainment Law (3)

Spring (12 cr.) (0.75 LAW residence units [3.75])

FTV 562          Development Process of Film and Television (3*)

FTV 564          Film and Television Financing (3*)

FTV 668          Thesis in Producing II (3)

LAW 7600       Entertainment Contracts and Negotiations (3)

Summer (6 cr.) (0.5 LAW residence units [4.25])

LAW               Elective (3)

LAW 7653       Externship Entertainment Law (3)

Fourth Year     

Fall/Spring: Remaining LAW required and elective courses (2 LAW residence units [6.25])

*FTV cross-list counting for LAW credit