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Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law’s legal clinics provide students with the opportunity to attain real-world experience by working on actual cases under the supervision of clinical specialists and seasoned practitioners. In addition to classroom training sessions, students engage in hands-on fieldwork with clients, research projects, document preparation, brief writing, and court appearances. The clinical programs provide pro-bono services to members of the community in need of legal aid. 

Alona Cortese Elder Law Center

The Alona Cortese Elder Law Center provides free legal services to low income seniors throughout the County of Orange. Students learn key aspects of elder law while obtaining hands-on experience representing real clients. The center works closely with local legal aid organizations and pro-bono attorneys to maximize services provided to seniors.

Bette and Wylie Aitken Family Protection Clinic

At the Bette & Wylie Aitken Family Protection Clinic, students facilitate educational workshops and provide legal advice, assistance, and representation to low-income and homeless survivors of domestic violence. Advanced Clinic students learn trial skills and may represent a domestic violence survivor in the Orange County Superior Court.

Constitutional Jurisprudence Clinic

The Constitutional Jurisprudence Clinic provides an opportunity for students to learn about the original understanding of the Constitution from esteemed professors, and to put those lessons into practice by crafting arguments in briefs filed in appellate courts and the United States Supreme Court. Students also conduct research, draft discovery, prepare motions and attend hearings.

Entertainment Contracts Law Clinic

The Entertainment Contracts Law Clinic provides students with a unique opportunity to work directly with independent filmmakers, serving as production legal counsel for feature length motion pictures. Under the supervision of veteran entertainment law faculty, participating students set up corporations and LLCs, file for copyrights, and draft all production-related contracts.

Mediation Clinic

The Mediation Clinic allows students to develop and use mediation skills through frequent practice with actual clients under the supervision of a mediation professor and mediators in the Superior Court. Students gain hands-on experience with real litigants in a variety of different areas, mediating approximately 700 cases each year.

Tax Law Clinic

The Tax Law Clinic is the oldest clinical program at the Dale E. Fowler School of Law. The program actually offers both trial and appellate tax clinic opportunities to our students. Through the program, students have served thousands of taxpayers, saving millions of dollars in taxes since launching in 1997.