» Services for Students with Disabilities

Applicants are not required to notify the law school of a disability or a need for accommodation prior to admission. Any information concerning an applicant's disability provided during the admissions process is voluntary and optional and is maintained as confidential information by the Fowler School of Law. No limitations are placed on the number of persons with disabilities who may be admitted or enrolled. Applicants with disabilities may wish to contact LSAC to inquire about the possibility of receiving testing accommodations for the LSAT.

To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and other applicable laws, the law school provides reasonable and readily achievable accommodations to ensure otherwise qualified students with disabilities access to its services, programs, and activities. The law school strictly prohibits any form of discrimination against individuals with disabilities in its program of legal education and seeks to accommodate students with disabilities on an individual basis.

Following admission, any student who, because of a disability, needs a special accommodation with respect to any policy, practice, service or benefit, is requested to notify University Disability Services and provide appropriate documentation and information including the reason for the request and specific type of accommodation requested. In order to provide the accommodations in a timely manner, new students should inform the Disability Services Office of the need for accommodations well in advance of their matriculation.