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The applicant online status page will display information such as your status and fees along with letters of recommendations, mailings and other information. 

Descriptions and explanations of each application status:

+ - Received

Your application has been received.

+ - Incomplete

Your application has been received, but there are missing items. Your online status page will provide you with additional information.

+ - Complete

Your application along with all required documents has been received. Your application is ready to be placed in review.

+ - In Review

Your application is being reviewed by the Admission Committee. This process may take at approximately 6-8 weeks during non-peak periods.

+ - Hold

This status is to update you on the process at hand and to let you know that your application is still active.  Your application will be reviewed again within the next four weeks.  At the end of this time frame, your status will be changed to admit, deny, or wait list, pending the Law Admission Committee‘s recommendation.  Please do not submit additional documentation at this time.  If the committee wants any additional information you will be contacted. The committee is unable to make a well-informed decision within the time frame you were given. 

+ - Admit

An offer of admission has been mailed.

+ - Waitlisted

You have been placed on the waitlist. You can either accept or decline a spot on the waitlist. The Admission Committee will reevaluate waitlisted applications and will decide whether to offer applicants a seat in the entering class. The timing of this process varies from year to year.

+ - Deny

The Admission Committee is not able to offer you a seat in the entering class.

+ - First Deposit

You have been admitted and the Law Admission Office has received your $300 non-refundable deposit. 

+ - Second Deposit

You have been admitted, the Law Admission Office has received your initial deposit, and the office has received your second deposit of $300. 

+ - Withdrawn After Deposit

You have been admitted to the law school, paid your deposit, but withdrew from the entering class. 

+ - Withdrawn After Admit

You have been admitted to the law school, but withdrew from the entering class before  submitting your initial deposit.