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A Community of Scholars Serving the Community of Learning

The three primary strands of professional activity for faculty at Chapman University Fowler School of Law are teaching, service, and scholarship — all with an eye toward enhancing the learning environment for our students. All three strands are interconnected and interdependent. As a community of scholars, our faculty members serve the community of learning. This commitment to producing high quality scholarship — for the benefit of this broad constituency of learning and for the development of the law and legal practice — coincides with the "Responsibilities of Scholars" articulated by the Association of American Law Schools:

"A basic responsibility of the community of higher education in the United States is to refine, extend, and transmit knowledge...law professors have a responsibility to engage in their own research and publish their conclusions. In this way, law professors participate in an intellectual exchange that tests and improves their knowledge of the field, to the ultimate benefit of their students, the profession and society."

At the Fowler School of Law, we believe strongly in that goal and in those purposes behind our faculty's dedication to scholarship. While you will learn about a variety of the activities of our faculty on other pages, including those most directly associated with other contributions to teaching and service, here we highlight some of the most recent scholarly publications of Chapman's law professors that complement those other duties.

Fowler Law Faculty Publications