» JD Emphasis Programs

The Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law offers a variety of emphasis areas that enable students to graduate with a higher degree of specialization in their particular fields of interest, distinguishing themselves in the job market and their careers.

The professors who helm each concentration include:

  • Entertainment attorneys with extensive industry experience
  • Top advocacy professors who focus on ethics, mediation, and the attorney/client relationship
  • Environmental law experts and leading real estate law scholars
  • Experienced prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys
  • International law advocates who have conducted groundbreaking human rights work in the field
  • Tax law pioneers who founded California's first pro-bono tax law clinic
  • Professors who enhance their students' legal knowledge with critical insights into the realm of business and economics

Advocacy & Dispute Resolution

This program complements our commitment to train competent, ethical lawyers by offering foundational courses that are fundamental to virtually all areas of legal practice.

Business Law

This program enables students to practice law in matters involving companies and trade associations and provides an understanding of the fundamental language of business, including mergers and acquisitions, start-ups, bankruptcy, taxation, accounting and more.

Criminal Law

Ideal for students interested in pursuing careers as prosecutors or defense attorneys, in this program students learn from experts in their field to gain a competitive edge upon graduating.

Entertainment Law

Learn the legal aspects of the entertainment business, including intellectual property rights, entertainment contract negotiations, licensing, and more from faculty with broad entertainment industry experience.

Environmental, Land Use & Real Estate

The ENLURE program integrates the study of environmental protection and land use regulation with the study of real property transactions and development.

International Law

Complementing our commitment to preparing students to be global citizens, this program explores a comprehensive scope of global legal concerns, from immigration and human rights to energy security and intellectual property.

Tax Law

Named one of the "Top Schools for Tax Law" in the country by preLaw Magazine, this program provides a solid foundation in an area of law that impacts both individuals and businesses, exposing students to a variety of tax issues encountered in practice.


Many of these emphasis areas are supplemented by one of our legal clinics.


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