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Engineer something unimaginable in the Fowler School of Engineering. In Fowler Engineering, you are more than just a student — you are a researcher, a scholar, a builder and a problem-solver with incredible dreams and creative plans for addressing the world’s most complex challenges. 

Start engineering your future by accessing these resources.


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+ - Tools and Toys

Students in the Fowler School of Engineering get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art engineering tools from the first day they arrive on campus. Whether designing and fabricating components with additive manufacturing, or simulating failure cases with code, our students have the software and hardware they need at their fingertips. Examples of these resources include:

From Chapman to NASA

Lauren Friend listening in a classroom

Student Soars at the Highest Level, Thanks to Internship at Glenn Research Center

“I came up with my project based on my own interests and what I wanted to learn, and I am doing all of the work, and this could be something NASA keeps using even after I leave.”

—Lauren Friend ‘19

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