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As a faculty member at the Fowler School of Engineering, you help us engineer the future by cultivating tomorrow’s creative problem-solvers, innovative makers and strategic thinkers who will be ready to tackle the world’s most complex challenges.

Access these resources to help you create engaging experiences for your students and collaborate with your colleagues.

Engineer the Impossible.


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Tools and Toys

Students in the Fowler School of Engineering get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art engineering tools from the first day they arrive on campus. Whether designing and fabricating components with additive manufacturing, or simulating failure cases with code, our students have the software and hardware they need at their fingertips. Examples of these resources include:

Innovation and Diversity Will Shape the Next Generation of Problem-Solvers.

Andrew Lyon

“Science and engineering disciplines need to do a much better job of recognizing that all of these challenges we have to solve can only benefit from as diverse a collection of backgrounds and viewpoints as we can bring together,” he says. “By bringing together really diverse groups of students, faculty and staff, we’ll have a competitive edge over a lot of universities.”

Dean Andrew Lyon

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