» Request for Travel and Development – Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff of the Fowler School of Engineering (FSE) are required to complete this request form for all business travel and development purposes, regardless of funding source. Faculty and staff must seek approval prior to the dates of travel and with enough advance notice to allow the request to be processed. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for the request to be reviewed. Expenses incurred prior to approval may not be reimbursed, especially if the request is denied. Faculty and staff should not pay any costs before receiving approval. The Dean's Office will contact you once the request has been reviewed.

Do not include student travel requests on this form.

Please review the policies below before submitting a request for travel and development. Chapman University's complete Fiscal Policy is available online.

Please refer to www.chapman.edu/financialservices for university policies regarding travel. 


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Faculty Absence Policy

In the case a faculty member is not able to attend a scheduled class session, they must notify the Program Director, Elizabeth Stevens, and Administrative Coordinator, Kaitlyn Gutierrez. Faculty should reschedule all missed session(s) to ensure the student contact hours for the class is sufficient to meet the requirement. The faculty member should give students sufficient advanced notice of the rescheduled session(s). Class absences of longer than two (2) weeks must be approved by the Dean.