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Below you can explore the current and future academic programs of the Fowler School of Engineering. Also make sure to check out our Student and Alumni Achievement Page, where you can learn more about what our current students and graduates are up to.

B.S. in Computer Engineering

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Design and fabricate the hardware components that allow computing to be integrated into any application imaginable, big or small.

B.S. in Computer Science

Bend computers to your will and innovate the next generation of mobile and enterprise applications by leveraging data structures, algorithms, hardware and software.

B.S. in Data Analytics

The need to collect, process and analyze data is becoming a critical skill in most any career, from medicine to entertainment. Leverage data at multiple scales to discover patterns, visualize trends and explain the seemingly unexplainable.

B.S. in Electrical Engineering

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Whether building communications systems using on-orbit satellites or designing circuits to power implantable medical devices, harness the power of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to create technologies that touch every aspect of daily living.

B.S. in Software Engineering

Once an unfortunate cost of doing business, software is now an ever-present focus at the center of almost every device we use. Build and maintain complex software ecosystems using industry best practices across the development lifecyle.


Our minors give students an in-depth understanding of computer systems, computation, data analytics and more.

Accelerated (4+1) Graduate Programs

Through an accelerated program, Chapman Students can earn a master's degree in select programs with only one additional year of coursework.  

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