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The Dale E. and Sarah Ann Fowler School of Engineering is committed to becoming a haven for corporate collaborations and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to develop Chapman’s Engineering School as a locus of private sector engagement, attracting corporate support for current students, alumni and faculty, and building collaborative projects to drive student success and economic development in southern California.

To support the mission, we seek to work with corporate partners via a diverse set of programs designed to connect our students to industry.


Industry engagement with Chapman University through internships is vital to our students’ overall success during the academic year, summer and post-graduation. 

Companies who wish to advertise job and/or internship opportunities should connect with our office of Career and Professional Development. They will work with you directly on both promoting specific job opportunities or internships and recruiting Chapman talent.

Project "Challenges"

Our faculty understand the value of industry partnerships and teaching students about how to work with companies. We are currently working with corporate partners to solve project “challenges” by building sponsored projects into coursework.

Corporate partners interested in this opportunity can purchase a slot in our “Challenges” course sequence, with our Machine Learning Challenge being a notable opportunity for companies possessing interesting data sets.

Currently, additional programs are being built around additive manufacturing, mechanical testing of materials, software engineering, electronics and 3D design. The typical fee for Challenge Sponsorship is $75k/year.

For more information, contact:

Anthony Lemus, MS MBB
Professor of Practice
Director of Industry Relations

Machine Learning (ML) Challenge Initiative


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Program Goals:

  • Educate the next generation of outstanding data scientists.
  • Support corporate partners in their data science research and development goals; and
  • Create a robust employment pipeline for our students and corporate partners in this rapidly growing field and industry.
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Program Overview:

Students are provided access to data from a corporate partner under the guidance of Chapman faculty members who have expertise in machine learning. Students apply machine learning tools to the data over the course of an entire semester and then present their findings to the partner at semester’s end.

Grand Challenges Initiative

The Grand Challenges Initiative (GCI) is Chapman University’s groundbreaking new approach to training the next generation of leaders in science and engineering.

Starting with their first day on campus, students work in small teams to engineer innovative solutions to the most complex and pressing problems of our time.

Under the mentorship of our world-class faculty, they explore the nature of the challenge, learn sophisticated and interdisciplinary methods for problem solving, and pursue ideas with the power to transform. Over the course of four semesters in the program, our students learn project management skills, how to work together effectively as a team, and how to communicate their knowledge.

We are seeking partners from the community to propose challenges for student teams.


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How to become a GCI partner:

  • Provide a brief written description of the proposed project and access to any relevant background information.
  • Meet with the team and their faculty mentor once or twice per semester by videoconference, or in person, to discuss the project.
  • Make a $5,000 philanthropic investment in the Grand Challenges Initiative (per team) in support of resources for the program and project.

What do we offer our GCI partners?

  • A team of 4-6 students who will spend three semesters working towards a solution for a
    problem that you propose. World-class faculty and postdoctoral fellows will facilitate
    the team’s contributions.
  • Full access to the equipment available in the Grand Challenges Initiative
    Makerspace and in the new Keck Center for Science and Engineering in
    support of your project.
  • The opportunity to identify and begin training promising students for
    summer internships and employment after graduation. This includes
    invitations to two career networking events per year.
  • Regular written updates and an end-of-semester presentation
    of progress.
  • Invitations to Grand Challenges Initiative lectures and other
    special events.


Scholarships allow engineering students to pursue specific disciplines without the burden of tuition. Providing your support through scholarships is an outstanding way to build connections with students interested in various fields such as data science, biotechnology, computer engineering and AI, and to create valuable, long-term relationships with students throughout their college journey.

CEIP Members Who Have Provided Scholarships

  • Masimo Corporation (medical devices)
  • HireRight (data science)
  • Edwards Lifesciences (biotechnology)
  • Experian (data science)

Companies interested in discussing scholarship programs that support their industry should reach out to Dean Tom Piechota (piechota@chapman.edu).

To learn more about Fowler School of Engineering scholarships, see our scholarships page.

Research Collaboration and Sponsorships

Our faculty are world-renowned innovators whose research agendas cross disciplinary boundaries and aim to solve some of our most critical issues. Importantly, much of their work has tremendous potential for commercial impact, especially when coupled with a company’s focused research agenda.

Corporations who wish to gain a better understanding of joint research initiatives should reach out to Director of Industry Relations, Tony Lemus (anlemus@chapman.edu).

Questions about Industry Collaborations?


Anthony Lemus, MS MBB
Professor of Practice
Director of Industry Relations