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The Design/Create/Innovate Lab (DCI) is a makerspace that supports interdisciplinary learning among all Chapman University students, staff, and faculty. This space aims to inspire the next generation of makers as well as provide the tools and resources to innovate, create, and bring ideas to life. This space provides all users with access to a wide variety of equipment to meet all of their design and fabrication needs.

For Chapman students, staff, and faculty who are interested in using the DCI Lab, visit dci-lab.chapman.edu for more information and tutorials.

The Prototyping Lab

The Prototyping Lab is where most users start their journey in the DCI Lab, typically coming in to 3D print something for class, learn how to make a sticker, or try the embroidery machine for the first time. Because much of the equipment in the Prototyping Lab is less intimidating, it provides a more accessible entry for students that come from outside of the engineering department. Since this lab houses high end additive manufacturing equipment, it allows users of the space to experiment with technologies that in many cases are not available outside of industry or research.

The Manufacturing Lab

Once becoming familiar with the Prototyping Lab, many users begin with the laser cutters in the Manufacturing Lab, giving them a taste of the quicker speed of subtractive manufacturing. Although there is not a mechanical or manufacturing engineering major in the Fowler School of Engineering, there are several classes that make use of the Manufacturing Lab to teach students design and fabrication with projects that use CNC mills, laser cutters, sheet metal tools and more. However, taking a class is not required to use this equipment. Many people will take advantage of the tutorials and staff mentorship to overcome the higher learning curves of some of the equipment to fabricate projects for research or personal use.

Miyuki and student
Student working on project
Students working in DCI Lab
Working in the Makerspace
Working with the 3D printer
Group of 3D printers

Equipment and Materials

The equipment for the DCI Lab is housed in two rooms, the Prototyping Lab and the Manufacturing Lab. The Prototyping Lab has mostly additive manufacturing equipment ranging from lower cost FFF 3D printers to higher end SLS and polyjet printers. This lab also houses a vinyl printer-cutter and PCB prototyping equipment. Most users start their journey in this lab learning how to 3D print or make stickers. The Manufacturing Lab contains mostly subtractive manufacturing equipment that work with wood and metal. There are multiple CNC machines, laser cutters, a waterjet and many manual tools as well.

Material Prices

Need to know how much materials cost? See our always-up-to-date cost sheet for a list of prices.

Student Projects

3D printed fertility idol
Indiana Jones Fertility Idol

This Indiana Jones Fertility Idol prop replica was created by film student Chloe Leis. She printed the model on the Form 3 resin printers, primed it with black spray enamel, and then finished it with a coating of gold leaf Rub n' Buff to give it that classic metallic look.

Wood slide whistle
Slide Whistle

This functional slide whistle was modeled and CNC milled out of hardwood using the rotary axis on the MDX-50 by computer science student Eric Chier for his Design for Manufacturing class final project.

3D printed drone
3D Printed Drone

This drone was designed, printed, and assembled by computer science student Tyler Lewis, first on a Prusa 3D printer then on the Markforged 3D printer for added strength in the continuous carbon fiber reinforced frame.



Because entering a makerspace can be intimidating, we offer workshops to help users become familiar with different design and fabrication methods. Some of our most popular include First 3D Print, How to Make a Sticker, and Laser Cut Keychain. 

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