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Teaching Labs

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Whether you are working on coding problems, developing new electronic hardware, analyzing complex signals with novel antenna designs or honing your cybersecurity skills, our teaching labs offer reconfigurable spaces for a wide range of learning experiences. All labs are outfitted with industry-standard hardware and software, ensuring that our students emerge from Chapman well prepared for the next steps in their careers.

Our teaching spaces include:

The Ideation Zone

This modular workspace can be rearranged in an infinite number of ways to support every stage of the creative pipeline — from brainstorming through the initial design process to putting on the final touches, and everything in between.

Students working in a bright, open laboratory environment.



The Signals and Cyber Lab

From AI-enabled robots to encrypted computer networks and more, the Signals and Cyber Lab supports exploration in the ever-expanding world of complex cyber-physical systems and how they communicate and function.

Students collaborate in a brightly lit engineering laboratory environment.



The Circuits and Structures Lab

Designed from the ground up for exploration of the past, present and future of electronics, the Circuits and Structures Lab is where you will dive in to macroscopic circuitry, nanoscale structures and more.


Our teaching labs come equipped with tools and tech on the cutting edge of engineering. Here is some of the equipment that our engineering students use on a daily basis:

A comprehensive list of standard engineering equipment found in teaching labs.
  • Oscilliscopes
  • Network analyzers
  • Power supplies
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Waveform generators
  • RF signal generators
  • Multimeters


In addition to this standard equipment, all teaching labs are outfitted with research-grade equipment to ensure our students have unlimited access to sophiciated systems during their time at Chapman.

The 2nd Floor of Swenson Hall

Where Teaching and Research Intersect

Standard bench seating in engineering research lab