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The Tech Shop

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The Tech Shop located in the Fowler School of Engineering is home to the Boston Dynamics robot dogs, a 3D printer farm, electronics testing, and numerous industrial robotic arms.  Students across campus can use this space for research, collaborate on projects, enhance learning, and tinker.

Next to the Tech Shop is a Tool Crib where students can check out materials necessary for their projects, testing, etc. All engineering students have access to this space from the minute they begin classes at Chapman. Our goal with this space is to make it available to all who want to use it and learn.

The Tech Shop is a place for:

  • Ideas 
    No idea is too big or too small. The Tech Shop is a haven for ideas where students can refine their thought processes and arrive at a clear path to making their projects a reality. 
  • Safety
    No judgment; just growth, support, and empowerment. At the Tech Shop, every idea is welcomed even if students do not have an engineering background. All you need is a passion to make and the willingness to learn!
  • Collaboration
    Like an engineering subreddit but in real life, the Tech Shop is a co-working space where people can share knowledge and advice on each other’s projects.
  • Making
    A tech incubator within Chapman. The Tech Shop focuses on producing community-recognized projects that expose students to industry and real-life engineering.


Materials Prices

Need to know how much materials cost? See our always-up-to-date cost sheet for a list of prices.

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 3D Printing

  • Prusa i3 MK3S+ (Traditional 3D Printers)
  • Prusa SL1S (Resin Printers)
  • Prusa MMU2S (Multi Material Printers)
  • Mosaic Palette 3 Pro
  • Creality CR10 S5 (Large 3D Printer)

Vacuum Forming

  • Vaquform DT2


  • Iwata Eclipse Airbrush
  • Prusa SL1S (Resin Printers)


  • Soldering Irons and Materials
  • Nederman Fume Extraction Arms

Electronic Testing (All Keysight Brand)

  • N9320B Spectrum Analyzer
  • E36313A Triple Output Programmable DC Power Supply
  • DSOX1204G Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • 34460A Digital Multimeter
  • 33210A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • N6705C DC Power Analyzer
  • MSOX3054T Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • E36103B DC Power Supply
  • CXA Signal Analyzer
  • DSOX1204G Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • N9917B FieldFox Microwave Analyzer
  • N9310A RF Signal Generator
  • CXG Vector Signal Generator
  • MSOX6004A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope



Because entering a makerspace can be intimidating, we offer workshops to help users become familiar with different design and fabrication methods. Some of our most popular include First 3D Print, How to Make a Sticker, and Laser Cut Keychain. 

Always Improving

Miyuki Weldon

We are always looking for ways to make our space more accessible.

Please reach out to Miyuki Weldon, Makerspace Manager, mweldon@chapman.edu