» Tuition, Aid & Fellowships


In order to find out how much it will cost to attend the Conservatory of Motion Pictures, please visit Chapman University's Graduate Student Cost of Attendance page. Any questions regarding financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid office.

First-year students are given approximately $2,500 for their major project. Once students reach their final year in the program, they receive $20,000 for their thesis film. The amounts given are adequate for most projects that students will complete. If a student wants/needs to spend more than these amounts, they can apply for grants or otherwise find the funding on their own, outside of Dodge.


Dodge College offers fellowship awards based on the talent shown in the creative application materials; there isn't a separate application for fellowship consideration. The amount of fellowships awarded vary, but generally do not cover the full tuition of the program. If you are awarded a fellowship, you will be notified on the same day as your admission offer. To be eligible for a fellowship, students must apply by the application deadline.

All other financial aid support is managed by the Office of Graduate Financial Aid. Loan information will be sent out by the Office of Graduate Financial Aid after an admission decision has been made. You can contact their office by phone (714) 628-2730 or by email at gradfinaid@chapman.edu for additional information.