» Panther Analytics - Graduation and Alumni Reports

Applied to Graduate

The Applied to Graduate report lists all students who have submitted their degree conferral for the term(s) selected. Degree conferral is the process of awarding the degree after all requirements have been completed; it does not refer to Commencement RSVP status. Undergraduate students are able to apply to graduate once they have completed 90 credits. This report displays the expected graduation term (selected by the student), majors, minors, and directory information such as diploma mailing address and email.

Degree Completions - Overall

The Degree Completions-Overall reports page provides an overview of the count and type of Chapman University's degree awards. The trend of the last five years is displayed. It includes:

  • How many students graduate?
    • Degree Completions
    • Demographic Breakdown
    • Count of degrees awarded to date in the current academic year
  • What type of degrees are awarded?
    • Count and proportion by academic career
    • Count and proportion by degree
  • Who awards degrees?
    • Count and proportion by school/college
    • Count and proportion by department

Degree Completions - School/Dept/Plan

The Degree Completions-School/Dept/Plan reports page provides information on school, department, and plan degree awards. Reports can be focused by school, department, and program level and include:

  • Count of degree completions
  • Count and proportion by plan (major, minor, cluster)
  • Count and proportion by subplan (emphasis)
  • Time to degree
  • Average time to degree
  • Count of degrees awarded to date in the current academic year

Graduated Students Contact List

The Graduated Students Contact List report allows users to download an Excel list of alumni. The spreadsheet includes basic degree and contact information. The population included can be filtered by graduation date range, school, department, program level, and plan type.

Data Use

Data derived from the Panther Analytics reports are for internal use only and should NOT be reported to outside agencies. Panther Analytics reports are updated once a day and currently do not populate with official census data. Only census data should be used for external reporting. Census data can be found in the Institutional DataMart or by contacting Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRADS).