» Law Student Certification

Some externships offer the opportunity to appear in court on behalf of clients or the government if the law student is first "certified" through the State Bar's Practical Training of Law Students program. Students are eligible if:

(1) they have completed the first year of law school, and

(2) they have completed Civil Procedure and Evidence or will be enrolled in one or both of those classes during the externship semester.

Visit the California Bar Website at www.calbar.ca.gov for a general overview.

To learn how to become certified visit the Calbar Admissions Page.

Information on which externship placements encourage certification can be found on the Externship Program TWEN page under Documents and Information for Applicants / Complete Externship Listings. 


If you have been previously certified, and need to extend your certification under your current supervising attorney, submit the Extension of Period of Supervision form only.

View the Extension of Period of Supervision form.