» Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Board

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Board consists of students who have participated in Client Counseling or Negotiation competitions. These programs provide participating students with:

  • "real-life" experience in the practice of law in a controlled environment
  • a forum to develop important skills that they will use as practitioners 
  • networking opportunities with fellow law students and attorneys

The winning teams from in-house competitions go on to compete each year in interscholastic competitions.

The ABA Client Counseling Competition emphasizes the importance of preventative law and the need to be an effective counselor in the law office. The competition tests the students’ ability to deal with clients’ non-legal goals as well as their legal concerns. Students must coordinate their efforts in placing the client at ease, as well as probe the client for relevant details. The goal of the competition is to be hired by the client, but at the same time not give any false hope, violate any ethical duties of an attorney, or give inaccurate advice.

The Negotiations Competitions emphasize the importance of negotiation in resolving disputes and structuring transactions. Opposing teams of students, acting as lawyers, negotiate a client problem or transaction and reach a mutually accepted resolution. One of the major benefits is the receipt of direct feedback from the judges who participate in the competitions.

In addition to sending teams to competitions, Chapman has hosted several prestigious competitions, including regional and national ABA Client Counseling Competitions, and regional rounds of the ABA Negotiation Competition and the National Trial Competition.

Professor Nancy Schultz has served on the ABA-Law Student Division Competitions Committee for more than a dozen years. She also serves as a judge, administrator, and problem-drafter for the International Client Counseling Competition and the International Negotiation Competition. She also serves as faculty advisor to the student competition boards.

ADR Board outside of Kennedy Hall


Jay Shaaban

Vice President
Jillian Friess

Competitions Chair
Zach Cavanagh

Faculty Advisor 
Professor Nancy Schultz