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Volunteer Opportunities at the Fowler School of Law

Alumni, legal professionals and other members of our community play a critical role in the success of the Fowler School of Law. Wherever you live or whatever your time constraints, there is a volunteer opportunity at Chapman Law that matches your interest, experience, and availability.

Career Outreach

Mock Interview Program

The Fowler School of Law hosts a mock interview program twice a year to help students hone their skills by simulating the interview experience at either the volunteer’s office or through a virtual platform. At the conclusion of the interview, the student will receive vital feedback on communication skills, appearance, body language and other factors. If you would like to volunteer to be a mock interviewer, please reach out to the Career Services Office at lawcareerservices@chapman.edu.

Informational Interviews

We often receive requests from students for the names of alumni to whom they can reach out for informational interviews to learn more about specific practice areas and career paths. If you would like to make yourself available for these occasional inquiries from students, please reach out to the Career Services Office at lawcareerservices@chapman.edu.

Hire Chapman

If you are looking for a student or graduate to fill a hiring need, our Career Services Office is happy to assist you.

Student Outreach


Fowler School of Law alumni are encouraged to participate in our effort to recruit highly qualified students. The strong endorsement of a graduate can play a critical role in a student deciding to attend the Fowler School of Law. You can assist the Admissions Office by attending Admissions events or talking to prospective students.


Alumni are encouraged to serve as panelists for student organization events designed to educate students on particular areas of law or various career paths. Students value learning from alumni and hearing their different perspectives.


Alumni can provide law students with opportunities to hone their pretrial, trial and appellate skills. As judges, alumni can play a key role in the training of law students as future advocates. This can be an entertaining way to give back of your time while also supporting critical skill development for law students.

First Generation Scholars Mentor Program

The First Generation Scholars Program is for all law students who are first in their family to earn a college degree. It is designed to enhance academic success, professional development, and personal growth. Through the mentor program, upper-division students are mentored by first generation alumni.

Contact Student Affairs for more information or to express your interest in participating in one of the above volunteer opportunities.

Alumni Outreach

Alumni Advisory Board

The Law School Alumni Advisory Board seeks to build a lifelong relationship between alumni and The Fowler School of Law. Through its events and programs, the Law Alumni Advisory Board promotes professional, social and networking opportunities for alumni, helps raise funds to support critical needs, and assists in disseminating information to the alumni community.  


Invest yourself in the critical role of fundraising for the Fowler School of Law. Through your network of personal and professional contacts, you know others who will want to associate themselves with the winning spirit of Fowler Law. You can select a particular area of interest such as the great need for scholarships; you can focus your efforts on a clinic or program; or you can lend your support to the Amicus Fund, which provides the unrestricted dollars that allow Fowler School of Law to address its greatest needs of the time.

Alumni Receptions & Events

Bring together Fowler Law alumni by hosting/sponsoring a reception or event for alumni. We are always looking for firms, companies or individuals to host events. This is a great way to get involved with alumni in your area and publicize the name of your firm or company.

For more information on alumni outreach opportunities, contact Camille Heenan at heenan@chapman.edu.