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2018/2019 Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board for Chapman University Fowler School of Law currently is comprised of members of each graduating class beginning with the inaugural class of 1998. The board members are selected by their graduating class and serve for a term of one year. The board meets at Chapman once each quarter to receive updates on recent developments at the law school. In addition, the board assists the law school in the planning of networking opportunities for alumni and current students and provides valuable input regarding career services, bar exam preparation, and MCLE opportunities. Alumni are encouraged to contact their class representatives with suggestions as to how the law school can best serve its graduates.

Maryalice Khan Class of 1998 maryalicekhanjdrn@yahoo.com 
Richard Green Class of 1998 rgreen@rmg-law.com
Lynette Vann Class of 1999 lynette.vann@gmail.com
Shannon Switzer Class of 2002 sswitzer@cratonlaw.com
Scott Levitt Class of 2003 scott@levittlawca.com 
Allison Hahn Class of 2004 allisonmhahn@gmail.com
Marvin Adviento Class of 2005 mbadviento@gmail.com
Matthew Brady  Class of 2006 mbrady@selmanlaw.com
Andrea Paris  Class of 2007 ap@andreaparislaw.com
Jason Burris  Class of 2008 jason@burris-law.net
Helen Cayton Class of 2008 helen.cayton@gmail.com 
Natasha Buchanan Class of 2009 natashabuchanan@gmail.com
Atticus Wegman Class of 2010 atticus.wegman@gmail.com
Naveed Mahboobian Class of 2011 mahbo100@mail.chapman.edu
John Bishop Class of 2011 john@rayandbishop.com 
Liana Mikhlenko Class of 2012 mikhl100@mail.chapman.edu
Samantha Bigonger Class of 2012 samantha@bigongerlaw.com
Lauren Grochow Class of 2013 grochowlauren@gmail.com 
Nate Camuti Class of 2014 ncamuti@gmail.com
Allison Scott Class of 2015 scott194@mail.chapman.edu
Kaitlin Peterson Class of 2016 peter280@mail.chapman.edu 
Huy Tran Class of 2017 tran331@mail.chapman.edu 
Tawnza Sofranko Class of 2018 sofra100@mail.chapman.edu
Amir Sadeghian Class of 2019 sadeg110@mail.chapman.edu 

Alumni Board Chair
Shannon Switzer (JD ’02)

Alumni Board Vice Chair
Nate Camuti (JD '14)

Alumni Board Secretary
Tawnza Sofranko (JD '18)

University Alumni Board Liaison
Scott Levitt (JD '03)

Development Coordinator 
Nicole Shay