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Note: The LL.M. in Business Law emphasis is no longer being offered at the Fowler School of Law. All information included below is provided for reference only for current General LL.M. students.

The LL.M. in Business Law offers a degree that prepares students for the legal questions that impact the financial practices of major commercial and government institutions, including such critical topics as:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Anti-trust Legalities
  • International Copyright Law
  • Intersection of Business and Legislation

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The Master of Laws (LL.M.) with an emphasis in Business Law is conferred upon a student who passes successfully all requirements, including 24 credits. Students with a foreign law degree must complete a mandatory set of introductory courses.

Core electives (at least 6 credits)

LAW 7145 – Corporations or LAW 7146 - Business Associations

LAW 7515 - Business Planning

LAW 7559 - International Business Transactions

LAW 7510 - International Business Litigation

LAW 7657 - Practice Foundations of Transactional Law

LAW 7854 - Fundamentals of In-house Corporate Practice

Electives (up to 18 credits)

Courses approved by the Director of Graduate Legal Education and appropriate to the LL.M. in Business Law. This may include externship credits.

LAW 7580 - Mergers and Acquisitions

LAW 7503 - Administrative Law

LAW 7536 - Employment Law

LAW 7520 - Client Interviewing and Counseling

LAW 7133 - Federal Income Tax

LAW 7608 - Tax of Business Organizations

LAW 7613 - Corporate Tax

LAW 7816 - Negotiations

LAW 7824 - Trademarks & Unfair Competition

LAW 7518 - Bankruptcy Proc & Practice

LAW 7541 - Environmental Law

LAW 7659 - Arbitration Law

LAW 7555 - Intellectual Property

LAW 7855 - Financial Accounting

LAW 7590 - General Externship (variable credit)

Thesis (up to 3 credits)

LAW 7850 - Directed Research. Topic to be selected in consultation with Director of Graduate Legal Education.

Learning Outcomes

The law school faculty have identified the following learning outcomes as critical to a law degree and to developing the skills needed to become a proficient attorney.

  1. Understanding American Law – LL.M. students with foreign law degrees will demonstrate an understanding of the legal system of the United States by applying (1) the common law and case method, (2) basic principles of legal procedure, and (3) specific content areas relevant to their area of emphasis to propose, assess, justify, and/or recommend resolutions to simulated and real-world legal issues.

  2. Emphasis-Appropriate Content and Analysis – LL.M. students should demonstrate subject matter knowledge and information appropriate to their area of emphasis and their personal and program goals. Students should apply legal rules and information appropriate to their area of emphasis to formulate clear and effective legal analysis and to prepare and recommend solutions to legal problems.

  3. Emphasis-Appropriate Skills – LL.M. students should develop essential skills appropriate to their area of emphasis and their personal and program goals. For Business Law emphasis students, this primarily means practice-related legal research and writing, as well as skills such as Negotiation and Mediation for students with those focus.


The diverse roster of professors brings a substantial wealth of experience to the classroom, and include top tier legal scholars, members of prestigious private firms, passionate legal activists, a former assistant district attorney, and a former member of the United States Congress. Furthermore, the faculty continually publishes scholarly works that add to the nation's ever-evolving legal discourse.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Honorable Theodor Albert, United States Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California
  • Bruce Bulloch, MST, CPA, Capital Consulting Group, LLC
  • Thomas A. Miller, Supervising Deputy County Counsel
  • Scott Wellman, Partner at Wellman & Warren LLP

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