» Externship Student Testimonials

Chapman StudentsAmong the most rewarding opportunities for Chapman University Fowler School of Law students is the Externship Program. Student externs work for judges, government agencies and public interest organizations, not just for the academic credit but to learn real world skills that will help them become competent, confident lawyers. But don't take our word for it! Read the comments below  in which students describe their externship success stories:

“I was pushed to know more, learn more, and always be ready to synthesize the law I had researched and be able to apply it on the spot. This placement was thrilling and I would gladly do it again. I was treated as an equal and a colleague, which was the most amazing experience. This externship gave me a sense of purpose and pushed me to be better.” — Gabrielle LaCarre (JD '17), extern with the Orange County Superior Court

“The best thing about my externship were the attorneys: They were nothing but gracious, encouraging and a pleasure to work with. It was inspiring to witness such tremendous lawyering done at such a successful company.” — Ashley Pham (JD '17), extern in a corporate legal department

“I really enjoyed the variety of work I got to do  it covered a broad spectrum and gave me a nice overview of the practice.” — Brett Goodman (JD '17), extern in a private law firm

“I received in-court, on-the-record experience. I did 16 preliminary hearings and I learned immensely from the research, preparation and on-the-record formalities involved.” — Ava Vahdat (JD '17), extern with the Los Angeles District Attorney

“The best parts of my externship were making connections and getting in-court experience. I learned a new aspect of criminal law every day.” — Katie Hill (JD '16), extern with the Orange County District Attorney